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Tourist route "Southward"

7 hours

48 km


Tourist route “Southward” includes tourist sites of 3 settlements, namely Vulcaneşti, Etulia village and Cişmichioi village.


The route is presented in 3 languages (in Russian, English and Turkish) and is accompanied by a QR code, with which you can go to the electronic version of the route with a description of tourist sites and the necessary contacts, as well as the ability to create a route from any location using google maps.

Historical and Local Lore Museum of Vulcanesti

The Museum of History and Local Lore is located in the city park of the city of Vulcanesti and is rightfully one of its central places. Whatever guest of the city of Vulcanesti comes, official or unofficial, he is always invited to visit this temple of history.

The institution is very popular among the population and guests of the city. Thematic exhibitions are regularly arranged in the museum, presentations of books by Gagauz writers are held.
Up to 6,000 people visit it every year.

Trajan's Wall - monument of history and archeology

The monument of history and archeology “Trajan’s Wall” is the remains of ancient fortifications created for defense by Roman soldiers.

For the first time the name “Trajan’s Wall” is found in the sources of the XIV century. Their construction is often associated with the activities of the Roman emperor Mark Ulpius Trajan in Dacia. For Moldova, Trajan’s Wall means the same as the pyramids for Egypt or Stonehenge for Great Britain.

As a result of archaeological research and literary sources, it has been established that they were created in the period from the 2nd century BC to the 7th century AD. Most of them were created during the reign of the Roman Empire. Undoubtedly, at one time it was a whole structure of various fortifications, guard camps and houses, which amazes archaeologists with its length.

The Lower Trajan’s Wall begins in the Vulcanesti region of the Republic of Moldova and reaches Lake Sasyk, Odessa region, Ukraine.

Restaurant "Legend"

Restaurant “Legend” is located in a convenient location of the city. A large area with a beautiful fountain, a gazebo with elements of Gagauz decor, where you can hold business meetings or just relax with friends, a beautifully designed interior, a cozy atmosphere – all this is in the restaurant.

They serve the most exquisite dishes, where there is European, Gagauz, Eastern European cuisine.

Historical and Local Lore Museum of Etulia

From June 19, 1999 to the present, the Historical and Local Lore Museum of Etulia has been located in the House of Culture of the village.

The museum fund consists of more than 1950 exhibits of various collections, the oldest of them is a jug, of valuable exhibits are letters, documents and a seal of 1927 of the first mayor of Etulia.

The museum of the village of Etulia has several halls, each of which contains objects related to events of national and international significance, paintings, household items, clothes from different periods of time, musical instruments, photographs and documents from the life of famous people of the village, numismatic items and much more. other. All exhibits have an important historical value associated with the history and life of the settlement. 

The main task of the museum is to reflect the complete and reliable history of the village, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, as well as to preserve the history and identity of the native land.

"Naked red clays" - a geological and paleontological monument of nature

The geological and paleontological monument of nature  “Naked red clays” is located in the village of Etulia, in the southeastern part of the Gagauz autonomy on the shores of Lake Cahul.
The rock strata that formed in Moldova during the Paleozoic era (~300 million years) are composed mainly of sandstones, clays (argillites) and limestones.
Mudstones and limestones contain numerous remains of marine bivalves, brachiopods, and even corals.

These ravines are a natural monument of Gagauzia and are protected by the state.

Agro-Pansionat HARMAN

The guest house “Harman” was opened by the Yanul family in the village of Cişmichioi. They furnished the room with national homespun carpets, old photographs, beds, and matching furniture. Housing recreates the atmosphere of the early XX century.

The house has preserved ancient household items, unique exhibits that embody the culture and traditions of the people.
The owner of the house conducts a tour for guests, telling the history of all items, and at the request of the guests, culinary master classes are held to prepare national dishes.

“KaraGani” family winery

“KaraGani” is a family winery with a national character, which is engaged in the cultivation of grapes and wine production. The vineyards are located in the southernmost part of the Republic of Moldova, in the city of Vulcanesti.

The following activities can be organized for tourists aimed at getting to know the Gagauz culture: vine pruning  or participation in the grape harvest and its processing, excursions to wine cellars, a visit to the mini-museum, which contains exhibits that tell about the life and traditions of the Gagauz people, wine and food tasting.
The winery “Kara Gani” is included in the Wine Tour of Moldova and ATU Gagauzia and is popular among tourists. 

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