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Tourist route "Gagauz flavor"

7 hours

45 km


Tourist route “Gagauz flavor” includes tourist sites of 3 settlements, namely, Beşalma village, Ceadir-Lunga and Cazaclia village.


The route is presented in 3 languages (in Russian, English and Turkish) and is accompanied by a QR code, with which you can go to the electronic version of the route with a description of tourist sites and the necessary contacts, as well as the ability to create a route from any location using google maps.


National Gagauz History and Ethnographic Museum

The National Gagauz Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Dmitry Kara Choban in the village of Beshalma was opened on September 16, 1966. A monument to its founder, who was also a poet, playwright, sculptor and documentary filmmaker, was erected in front of the entrance to the museum.

This is the only Gagauz historical and ethnographic museum in the world, which has a unique collection of exhibits reflecting the culture and life of the Gagauz people. Their total number is about 15 thousand units of the main auxiliary fund and copies. Museum employees proudly present the most exclusive of them at various exhibitions in Moldova, as well as in the near and far abroad.

The village of Beshalma is included in its periodic bulletin by UNESCO as a unique center of Gagauz culture.

Windmill of Besalma village

The windmill is located in the eastern part of Besalma village. The foundation of the mill is made of stone, while the base and blades are made of wood.


Inside the mill were mechanisms that set the millstones in motion.
Today, it does not operate like a real mill, but instead it is an intriguing tourist attraction.

Ethno-yard “PARK HAKIKAT”

The ethno-yard “Park Hakikat” is a tourist facility located on the territory of a private house in Chadir-Lunga, embodying the lifestyle of the Gagauz people a century ago and including an open-air museum, a vineyard, an old wine cellar, an oven made in the national style and much more.

The landscape design of the ethno-courtyard is thought out to the smallest detail, where there are many unique and interesting exhibits, including large household items made of solid stone, a handmade wooden entrance door from 1938, an authentic cellar found in excellent condition in an abandoned house in Kiriet-Lunga village and transferred on the territory of the ethno-yard. Here, the owner conducts a tasting of his own wine under the Hakikat brand and delicious dishes of the national Gagauz cuisine.

The owner of the ethno-yard Viktor Rusev, together with his brother and father, collected exhibits from the nearest settlements for four years, looking for something that is of historical value, something that can show the traditions and life of the Gagauz people, as a result creating a unique tourist site, which gives a second life to the forgotten objects of the Gagauz past.

Horse farm "At Prolin"

The horse farm “At Prolin” in Ceadir – Lunga is the only horse breeding farm in Moldova.

The horse farm has existed since 1984 and is one of the memorable sights of the autonomy. From the very moment of the formation of the horse farm, the leading direction has been the breeding of horses of the Oryol trotting breed.

At the horse farm you can hear interesting stories about horses, ride in a phaeton, feed the horses with sugar, their favorite treat, watch the graceful, beautiful trotters. Each horse has its own history, its own disposition, “appearance” and character. You can spend the whole day at the horse farm and you won’t want to leave here.

Every year, on May 6, on the Day of the national holiday “Hederlez”, equestrian competitions “Altyn At – Golden Horse” are held at the hippodrome. This is a fascinating spectacle during which you can see what the Oryol trotters are capable of and cheer for the horses you like!

Cafe "Ikram"

Cafe in the national Gagauz style “Ikram” is located in the central park of the village of Kazaklia. The cafe has become part of the tourist route – it works successfully, accepts local visitors, as well as foreign guests.

By prior order, the cafe prepares dishes of Gagauz cuisine: saarma, kaurma, suvanni, gozlema, gevrek and other dishes.

During the reception, guests are offered culinary master classes in cooking: gevrek, gözlemä, donuts, as well as a photo session in national costumes with various photo zones.

Historical and ethnographic museum of Kazaklia village

The museum presents homespun carpets, antiques and collections of traditional Gagauz clothing of the early and mid-twentieth century. Museum guests can touch the history, see how the life of the Gagauz ancestors was and what life was like several decades ago, as well as get acquainted with the fate of the people who created the history of Kazaklia and worked for future generations.

The museum building has a tasting room and its own vinotheque, which are located in an old Gagauz cellar. Museum visitors can see, taste and even buy local wines, as well as souvenirs.

«Kazayak Vin» winery of Kazaklia village

JSC Kazayak-vin, founded in 1958, is one of the leaders among producers and exporters of Moldovan wines. On the territory of the winery there is a modern tasting room, which presents samples of 35 types of different wines.

Today JSC “Kazayak-Vin” is one of the most dynamically developing enterprises in Moldova. Its products are well known to consumers in Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the Baltic and the CIS countries.

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