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Tourist Route "The versatility of cultures"

5 hours

25 km


Tourist route “The versatility of cultures” includes tourist sites of 3 settlements, namely Comrat, Chirsova village and Congaz village.


The route is presented in 3 languages (in Russian, English and Turkish) and is accompanied by a QR code, with which you can go to the electronic version of the route with a description of tourist sites and the necessary contacts, as well as the ability to create a route from any location using google maps.


Alley of Glory

In the center of Comrat, there is the Alley of Glory of the Gagauz people, where busts of prominent Turkic figures, scientists, Gagauz scholars are installed.

The Alley of Glory was created in honor of the representatives of the Gagauz people and people who made a significant contribution to the cultural and social life of the Gagauz people.

On the left side there are busts of prominent politicians, on the right – cultural figures. Among these personalities are Turkish President Suleyman Demirel, poet and film director Dmitry Karachoban, archpriest Mikhail Chakir, ethnographer and historian Maria Marunevich, poets Alexander Pushkin and Mihai Eminescu.

Craft school «Zanaat Evi»

Craft school “Zanaat Evi” is a unique place where children and adults can learn the basics of different types of crafts that our ancestors owned and spend time usefully.

Taking part in master classes here you can master the skills of pottery: modeling clay products, working on a potter’s wheel, modeling plaster products, as well as mastering wood carving skills.

Museum of Bulgarian Traditions "Rodolyubets"

The private museum of Bulgarian traditions “Rodolyubets” is a bright object of demonstration of the traditions, rituals and hospitality of the Bulgarian people.

Inside the museum is a large hall and Casa mare (large room). There are unique exhibits of Bulgarian culture and life that reflect the language, culture, traditions and customs, as well as the psychology, diligence and national character of the Bulgarians in the village of Kirsovo: a wooden pitchfork of 1901, a grain stomp, a machine for “charyk”, an icon of Arseny the Great (1901) , wedding dresses that have been preserved for over 50 years, etc. The museum has preserved a chest containing the bride’s dowry since 1892.

For greater immersion in the Bulgarian atmosphere, folk music plays in the background, and Elena Dinkova, the soloist of the Lale ensemble, can sing beautifully.

House-museum "Аna-Boba Evi"

The ethnographic museum was opened in 2020 in the parental house, which was built in 1959, where the teacher of the Gagauz language Dmitry Christioglo lived with his parents and family. The initiator of the creation of the house-museum was the daughter of the teacher, Galina Sirkeli, who is also a teacher of the Gagauz language.

One of the objectives of the museum is to show the life of the Gagauz people of the 50s of the last century, their industriousness and spiritual wealth.

The house-museum “Ana-Boba evi” has restored the traditional Gagauz home decoration in the national style of the last century, various household items of the Gagauz family, and also collected personal belongings of the teacher.


Among the collection of valuable exhibits of the museum are also collected household items of the Gagauz people of the 50-70s, household utensils, a loom, a corner with a dowry of a Gagauz bride, carpets with national ornaments.

Ethno-touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrası”

Ethno-touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrası” is a unique opportunity to comprehensively get acquainted with how the traditional Gagauz people lived.

The complex is a real Gagauz courtyard with guest houses made of environmentally friendly materials, a museum, a tavern, a mini-hotel, a terrace and a banquet hall. During a tour of the complex, guests can be offered to dress up in national clothes and feel like real Gagauz people.

The local restaurant with the traditional cuisine of the southern people of Moldova is considered one of the best in the region, where visitors will find a fragrant table with all kinds of dishes, as well as Gagauzia wines, pickles, delicious preparations for the winter, pastries.

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